Friday, January 8, 2010

A Tribute To Rooftops

Sometimes what you can see from the building is more interesting than what you can see inside. He's a tribute to 3 of of Cincinnati's better vantage points.

The Crosley building
This heavily tagged structure towers proudly over the buildings of Camp Washington. It once housed production of Crosley brand radios and automobiles, Queen City Printing, and interestingly enough 700 WLW. Now all that remains are some office supplies, dollies, and a breathtaking view of Camp Washington.

looking south

looking east to Consolidated Grain
Looking north

Carew Tower

A fine example of 1930's art deco style architecture, The Carew tower is the soon to be second tallest building in Cincinnati and is home to a hotel, mall, and an observation deck that only costs $2. Definitely an attraction worth seeing if you're passing through.

Looking Northwest
Paul Brown Stadium
One of the more frustrating networks of offramps

Hudepohl Brewery

Last but certainly not least is the valiant yet troubled Hudepohl brewery. This old building has been resting peacefully in total dereliction until a 2004 plan to convert the building into condos called for the selective demolition of the center of the building. The building remained in a state of permanent hiatus, until finally being condemned in 2008 as a public nuisance. While it is unlikely Hudepohl Brewery will ever see use again, it still offers possibly the most scenic view of Cincinnati available.

Looking West toward Price Hill
Looking northwest.

Looking Southeast toward Longworth Hall

An epic view of Downtown looking east

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