Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Crosley Building

Towering above the masses of Camp Washington is an iconic building and local land mark. Originally built in 1928 to house Powell Crosley's radio empire, the building has seen many tenets come and go. Sadly all the building has seen since 1993 when a local printing company left was a plethora of taggers and vandals, leaving the building in the state of perfect chaos that it remains today.

3 times this week myself and a couple friends huddled into my dodge and ventured through the snow and bitter 20 degree temperatures. Walking around the corner from our clever parking spot we made our way to the building. Once the coast was clear we hastily made our entrances.

Inside there is not much to remind visitors of this building's former lives say for a few odds and ends.

The shop floors are sectioned off with a maze of corner offices on most floors. Some finished, some not.

Some were in better shape than others.

Last on our journey through Crosley was the roof. Here we found some of the more eccentric graffiti, and a sweeping view of Western Cincinnati.

Then it was mutually agreed, It's way to cold to stick around, so we made our retreat down to the heat and Beatles music that awaited us in car.

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  1. Oh Jason they're so beautiful. I wish I could go with you guys sometime I'd love to be able to photograph places like this but I can't hop a fence nor climb in a second story window. Damn my curves!!!

    This week is my last week till March so lets make it count. Pictures are a must!!! I never really meant to kind of lead you on about the pictures it was just too cold all week.