Friday, April 2, 2010

Success unsuccessful.

Today I had my class orientation and got my misspelled student Id card. On the way home I found possible entrance to an abandoned hotel Downtown near my school. I've had my eye on it for the past few months but never had a chance to look into it. I've seen no sign of electricity, tons of open windows in the middle of winter, and an empty storefront. I've concluded It was abandoned. Brine and I decide to attempt it today.

We made it halfway to there before I realized I didn't have my sd card, and no film. So we turned back and got it all. Got to the parking lot around it and Showed Brine the entrance while walking by. The entrance is totally out in the open. We decide to walk around the building and make a plan. 2 cops rolled by, and we find the door wide open and some guy in a yellow uniform just sitting there.

Gilbey's Garage

So we head off to Gilbeys Gin in Hartwell. I knew the southern tip was active but was told the rest was abandoned. We go there to find electricity, but no sign of activity. While trying to find a way in anyway I stepped up on to an 8X8 skid on what I thought was a grate over a staircase opening to get to a ledge and open window. 3 feet away.

Gilbey's Security

Brian tells me "Watch what you're stepping on." I Look down see a black abyss where the ground should be, and there's no's no grate holding us up, and it's just loosely sitting on the corner of a deep hole. How did I not notice this? I was completely calm about it and stated "Well damn, that's pretty deep. there's seemingly nothing holding me up." as I slowly walk back to the edge and jumped down. Good thing Brian pointed it out. He totally saved my life. I really should have looked down before I took such a stupid risk. That hole was 3 stories deep. We also found a sign warning of alarms. We decided the risk wasn't worth the possible reward.
Gilbey's Creek

We decided to try another building in the complex that's fenced off and is being demolished. Clearly not alarmed. Brian suggests hopping the fence. I suggest walking around to see if there's a better way. Right around the corner we walked up to a large german shepherd on the other side of the fence. Effectively deterred, and too frustrated to go somewhere else we called it quits. I only got 3 pictures today, but we got a semi interesting story out of the day.