Friday, January 15, 2010

Conquering Mt. Crosley

It's a great thing when you can get the whole gang together for some urban exploring. Different work schedules has already brought about 3 trips to the Crosley building, and today I made another.

With the break from the cold into some nice mid 40 temperatures we decided it'd be a great day to do some recon work on a couple of sites that we've spotted. Heather, having not been to the site yet suggested a trip to the Crosley Building. We all agreed and were soon enough driving there. Entry went smoothly as planned and we proceeded to look around.

I had already seen all there was to see except for one thing. I hadn't made it up the radio tower. So after a journey through the offices and shop floors we made it to the roof on which the tower stands.

At the base of the tower there is a very dark room full of satanic graffiti. Ryan and I marched through and ventured up the first set of stairs to a room with large windows and a massive metal cylinder in the middle.

The Satan room. Stairs through the door on the right.

Looking down at Heather and Shawna from inside the tower

Last was a steep flight of stairs with a 90 degree bend that takes you up against a very large busted out window 40 feet to the roof.

These stairs scare the hell out of me.

I inched my way up to the top, the fear of death by ladder failure weighing heavily on my mind. My mind finally was at ease as I breached the hole and climbed up onto the roof.

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  1. Beautiful shots of a rust belt building on a beautiful midwestern afternoon.