Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Infilnapolis, Day 1

    In a deep dark circle of the internet, some people got together and thought a meetup in Indianapolis for urban exploration was a smart decision.  Many agreed, and plans were set for late July.  After packing some food, a sleeping bag, tent and whatever clothing could fit in a pillowcase into my Ford Taurus, I set off for Indianapolis for the weekend with only $80 to my name,  no idea where I would sleep, oblivious to what the next 3 days would hold.  The only concrete plan I had was to get to a derelict stadium at 7:00pm.
    With some of us expected to arrive at 1pm, some early plans had already been made for that afternoon.  As far as I knew, myself, and people I only knew as Brentlowboil, and Eschaton already had formulated plans to break our fast at some local restaurant, and head out for some pregame exploration.  Our party grew by 3, and after burgers and specific beers, we were off.  The destination, a drain dubbed Pogues Run.

    Half creek overflow, half sanitary waste, Pogues run is a dirty 3 mile stretch of rectangle leading directly to the White River, breaking off only for a large pipe of constant flow from Lucas Oil Stadium.

At the Lucas Oil Stadium Junction.  Photo By Eschaton

Cleverly hidden in plain site, the car awaited the 6 of us at the outfall.  After driving back to the drain infall, we split up, and after a quick hand scrub and a change of shoes we made our relatively separate ways to the stadium to meet whoever else was there.

     The group was from as near as in town, as far as Europe, and everywhere in between.  The ones I met were all pretty cool, and had some interesting stories.  Considering most everyone already sort of knew each other from our various conversations about Youtube and lonely chairs, it was like any other party, and of course many friends were made.

We waited at the park through pouring rain until sundown.  We then collected into a caravan of at least 9 cars and converged on the city, to set our aspirations higher.

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