Sunday, January 2, 2011

Through random cemeteries around St. Leon

I finally got some old rolls back from around June.  My friend Sara and her family were nice enough to let me tag along on one of their photo trips throughout rural Indiana around Dillsboro and St. Leon.  We went through some really old cemeteries with graves going back to Civil War times, along with checking out some other sundries of roadside Americana.  While out driving we also came across an epic decaying house.  I was really tempted to go inside because of the lack of any security measure, but common sense suggested otherwise.

Comparison of towers.

Completely random pine cones at the cemetery

All I can really ascertain about this house is it's probably been vacant for at least 40 years.  I was able to find it on google earth.  It's on St. Peters road in Harrison.  In overhead view the roof was still largely intact, so it must have fallen sometime within the last couple years.  Given it's size and number of doors it was probably a multi family house.  It looks like the auto shop next door uses part of it for storage.  Certainly

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