Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Hudepohl Madness.

Finally managed to get out again to do some urban exploring.  It's been a few months so for nostalgia's sake we elected Hudepohl as out target.  Given the history of addition and subtraction to the building the floor plan is unique at best.  There's certain parts of the building that can only be accessed through certain entrances.  The western building is divided into 2 parts with only one door between them so there's alot of back tracking.  We spent the first half of the trip focusing on the west part of the building.

A storage room in the west side

There's a bizarre amount of school chairs littered about the place.

After a series of fruitless efforts trying to get into the main part of the West building, we turned our attention over to the east building to explore around it's southern part.  The Eastern half is much more interesting.  It appears that the West side is mostly storage and an entire floor that's a refrigerator, the East side is where all the fermenting took place, and where most historical elements of the building are found.

I don't usually do hdr but I really wanted that sky in the shot.

Best view in the city

No comment

Upwards panorama of the epic smoke stack

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  1. I'm banned from UER so can't comment directly there, but in regards to http://www.uer.ca/forum_showthread.asp?fid=1&threadid=80076&currpage=82 post 1628, that building is in downtown Detroit, it is one of the four abandoned hotels within a 3 blocks radius of each other by Cass Ave and Temple St. I've been there, it's easy to get in, but I forget what name went with what building, and which one had these stairs. I hope this helps you out.